Online Backup Services- Essential Characteristic

Surely the main function and feature of the online backup services is related to the online storage of vital documents. But this is not only the sole feature of these services. There are certain other essential characteristics of the backup services online which will be highlighted in this article.

Advanced Archiving: Every backup service has a remote archive location where files that are overwritten or erased because of some carelessness are stored. These stored files can be referred to in the future from the archive location.

Advanced Reporting: Most of the backup services offer two essential reports regarding the documents that are stored. One report records things such as backup size, status reports on the files, backup duration and so on. The second report has a record of all the backup procedures that have taken place till date. Email notifications regarding the backup progression and the reports are also be provided by the backup services.

QoS Service: QoS stands for quality of service and it should always be supported by the internet backup. If the backup service you have availed for supports QoS then your bandwidth consumption will be reduced and the CPU usage will be done in accordance to your requirements. QoS will allow all other applications on your network to work efficiently.

Advanced online backup services give the users an opportunity to backup documents that are left open usually and also those files which are locked up. Through these services you can even backup a number of servers or computers based on the same LAN from an individual device or computer. Other characteristics of the backup services are: Remote data wipeout, remote IP address locator, multi-site backup etc. For More Details Click Here

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