Online File Sharing For All Your Needs

Online File sharing is has become hugely popular these days. There are a lot of benefits to it and it is also a cost effective technique of preserving your files. With the online backup services, you can keep your files protected from sudden computer crashes, theft or virus infections that can cause you to lose your important data.

Some of the most interesting features of online storage are discussed as follows-


• Automatic Desktop Synchronization

You will be able to set your specified time and date and according to that time and date the service will get the data backed up automatically on the computer. The data can also be located within your specific folders. You can have a daily, weekly or on any preferred interval performances of the syncs.

• Text Based Search Engine

You could make a search for any kind of a file and it does not depend on the type of the file or the folder. All you will have to do is type the keywords that are necessary. There are some services of online storage that would allow the service only to those users who pay high or the business subscribers.

• File Preview

This is a feature that would let you preview the file before you get it downloaded on the desktop. It will support different types of files like the XLS, PPT, PDF, GIF, DOC and the JPEG. However, you may not get a support for Mac OS X.

• Shared Links

You would be able to create a link by just one click to any folder or file that has been stored online. You can get the links emailed or get them posted to another website or you could send them to others using methods of communication that has been provided by the provider by the storage service.

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